Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services in United States

Customer service also Consumer Services is a very large and fast-growing field. With multiple roles at every experience level and tons of opportunity for further advancement, getting a career opportunity in consumer service allows you to build extra skills you can transfer to almost any other industry. Whether you have been working in customer service for a long or you are looking for a job shift that allows you to earn a certain amount of income, there are plenty of high-paying good salary customer service jobs available. To help you find the right job, here are the top 13 customer service jobs that pay a good amount of salary.


Front Desk Manager

Responsibilities: A front desk manager’s responsibilities is to train and lead all front desk staff of a resort or hotel, which include the concierge, receptionists & night auditors. They may also fill in with receptionist or even concierge duties, such as greeting of guests, answering phone calls and booking & retrieving reservations.They keep ensure that the lobby is clean enought and presentable, and may handle escalated customer questions and  their complaints. 

Salary: For Front Desk Manager the minimum salary to be paid is around $13.85 per hour in the United States.


Call center representative

Responsibilities: A call center representative also called CCR usually works for a telemarketing firm or contact center and handles inbound and outbound phone calls. They are tasked with following phone call scripts, determining customer needs, providing timely solutions and researching issues. Call Center Representatives may also be responsible for upselling  and suggesting products.

Salary: The minimum salary paid to Call Center Respresentatives are around $14.50 per hour in the United States.



Responsibilities: Receptionists work for a different organizations, usually in a front desk environment. They greet customers, answer particular questions, document complaints and help direct customers to the proper employee or department for their convience. They are also responsible for answering phone calls and handling light administrative sort of work, such as printing, filing and copying. They may also be required to check the visitors in and provide guest security badges.

Salary: The minimum salary paid to the Receptionist is around $12.62 per hour in the United States.


Member services representative

Responsibilities: A member services representative usually works for an insurance company, a bank, fitness club or any other membership-based organization. Their task are greeting guests, fielding questions and concerns, answering phone calls, submitting guest feedback to the senior employees and sometimes educating members on the organization benefits, policies and procedures. They may also be responsible for cross-selling or upselling services and completing transactions related to finance.

Salary: The minimum salary paid to the Member Services Representative are around $14.32 per hour in the United States.


Technical support representative

Responsibilities: Technical support representatives  also called TSR work either remotely or in a call centers, and often on behalf of internet and cable providers or consumer electronics based companies. They are responsible for handling customer technical problems by phone, chat or email. These professionals are tasked with analyzing, troubleshooting and then resolving technical issues and determining next steps. They may also handle customer transactions like purchases and a refunds.

Salary: The minimum salary paid to the Technical Support Representative are around $14.48 per hour in the United States.


Bank teller

Responsibilities: Bank tellers work for credit unions and banks and help customers manage finance related transactions. They are responsible for greeting customers & assisting customers with deposits, withdrawals, transfers, cashing checks and money orders. They also manage ATMs, file count cash, file deposit slips and balance numbers.

Salary: The minimum salary of a Bank Teller is around $12.90 per hour in the United States.


Flight attendant

Responsibilities: Flight attendants are employed by a private & commercial airlines. They’re responsible for greeting passengers, helping people find their assign seats, assisting in stowing carry-on luggage, ensuring safety compliance through safety equipment demos, serving food & beverages throughout the flight & providing instruction in emergencies. They also help test emergency equipment & clear the cabin between flights.

Salary: The minimum salary paid to Flight Attendants are around $29,053 per year in the United States.


Medical receptionist/front desk coordinator

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of Medical receptionists is that they work for hospitals, clinics & private practices and are responsible for answering phone calls, scheduling and sending appointment reminders, greeting & checking in patients and other clerical duties. They may also assist with payment transactions, data entry DE and bookkeeping duties.

Salary: The minimum salary paid to a Medical Receptionist/ Front Desk Coordinator is around $13.59 per hour in the United States.